"At 211°, water is just hot water.


At 212°degrees, it boils and

creates a steam topower a train..."


That one degree of separation


gave birth to a Movement.

This is Movement212°... 

- Shihan Aluyen

Co-Founder | Movement212°

Upon learning that there is a way to have both time and money, and that it could grant us a life with no boundaries, it became obvious that this was something we could not live without. We are Team Revolution, and WE ARE ACN.

We are MOVEMENT212

The OPPORTUNITY at a glance

The next BIG EVENT


The EXPANSION Team | Movement212


Winning is not our only end goal--- having the ability to overcome the challenge is what we all strive for. Give us 10 minutes, and we will tell you who we are, what we do, and where this company is headed. 


You cannot make EXCUSES and MONEY at the same time. PERIOD. Let's be in touch with our reality: You cannot have professional income with amateur skills. Explore why you have to go.