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Our MENTOR: Mr James Adlam,SVP | COC


“Every morning in Africa, the gazelle wakes up knowing that it must run faster that the fastest lion or it will be eaten. The same morning, a lion wakes up and knows that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.”

It doesn’t matter whether you are the gazelle or the lion. When morning comes, you better be running!

It was once said that one’s true strength and potential only comes when being strong is the only choice you have left.

So the next time you find yourself with your back pinned against the wall, or your face flat on the ground,


All you have to do is believe that you are about to make some noise...  

As you are about to reach your BOILING POINT!

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Movement212: Who we are. What we do. Why we do.

MOVEMENT 212. Who we are. What we do. Why we do.

Movement212 is a subsidiary group of ACN Team Revolution. It is a diverse group of individuals pioneering the next wave of leadership across the world. We are committed and dedicated towards helping you and your family achieve financial relief and independence by coaching you to follow a simple system that has already been proven and tested for more than 26 years. Movement212s main headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California and is under the mentorship & leadership of Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions Member, Mr. James Adlam, SVP | COC 2019 

It all started with curiosity: "Would it work?" However, within 7 months from its conception date back in 2014, Team Revolution Southern California has grown from Zero to Hundreds of Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Partners now dominating the Southern California marketplace. "Well, guess what?--- IT DID!... And we are on a mission to help more people attain financial freedom this year. The recruiting part has been done. We are no longer just looking for people, NOW we are LOOKING for LEADERS." Movement212