Ana Garcia, Executive Team Leader

     Landscaping Company owner | Entrepreneur 

Roel Patterson, Executive Team Leader

IT Professional | MBA | Entrepreneur

Dr. Pierre Narvades was introduced to ACN by his friend and Co-Entrepreneur, Felix Soriano. After having declined the invitation to see the and hear about the opportunity twice, he finally decided to show up at a private business event. Immediately, the concept of RESIDUAL INCOME made sense to him and decided to get started with ACN on the spot. Shortly after getting started, he has achieved multiple positions within the company in record breaking time. He has planted his flag in ACN and is now on the fast track to hit the milestones in the company. "I am no longer a pharmacist, i am now an ACN-ist..." - Dr. Pierre Narvades. 

Rommel was introduced to ACN by his cousin, Regional Vice President Platinum, Mr. Art Tajanlangit, who happens to be one of ACN's most outstanding mentors. Since Rommel has a background in law enforcement, he was first very skeptical about the opportunity in the beginning. However, after watching the video and upon hearing the presentation, he dissected everything and realized that it just made perfect sense, so there was no question on why he decided to sign on immediately. He and Mr. Tajanlangit came up with a plan and went to work full steam ahead. Since his involvement with the company, he has partnered up with and helped many people in creating the lives they have been longing to have. "Helping others get back time and freedom through financial independence is our goal" - Rommel K. 

Ms. Jessenia Meza is a graduate of Safe Passage. She initially signed up in ACN to support her beloved charity--- Safe Passage. However, after realizing and understanding the power of the platform, she planted her flag and made a decision to build a legacy for herself and her son in ACN. After being in the program for a short period of time, she had already broken records in the company and she is constantly on the trenches helping out as many people as she can along the way by offering them savings on their utility bills as well as showing them an opportunity to earn residual income as well. A mom, a sister, a survivor... a Child of God.


                    Karla Carranza, Executive Team Leader

                LA County Deputy Sheriff | Latino Expansion Group Leader | Entrepreneur 

Shihan Aluyen was born and raised in the Philippines. He moved to the US in 2003 at the age of 22 and took on 3 jobs doing medical billing, caregiving, and valet parking in order to make ends meet. Several years later, he got introduced to Real Estate and has been a RE Broker since 2006. Through his faith and relentless work ethics, he has become the CEO of a RE Brokerage Company. It took about 4 years before he finally sat down to look at ACN. However, within 2 minutes upon hearing what he heard and seeing what he saw, he signed on and ran with the opportunity. Several months into the business, by simply following the system and through the mentorship of the leaders in the organization, he was able to build an organization with hundreds of business partners in at least 6 states and 2 continents. "Thinking about this opportunity would only produce thoughts, taking action would produce results. I am extremely blessed to have met and helped amazing people since I got involved in the company. This opportunity is a gift!" - Shihan A.  

                     Renae Rodriguez, Executive Team Leader

                                           Registered Nurse | Entrepreneur 

​​​                     "WE DON'T JUST BOIL, WE BECAME A LIFE FORCE" - MOVEMENT212

Theresa Gabriel, Team Coordinator | President's Club

Co-Founder | Movement212 | Entrepreneur | Former US Navy Corpsman | MPA | Board Member Safe Passage

Hugo Mejia, Executive Team Leader

Former Environmental Inspector | Entrepreneur

​                                 Abby Coleman,Executive Team Leader

Co-Founder | Team Revolution Accelerated | Charge Registered Nurse | Entrepreneur

Janet Cano, Team Coordinator

Insurance Agent | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur | VP Safe Passage

    Dr. Pierre Narvades, Executive Team Leader

     Ex-Pharmacist | Entrepreneur | ACNist 

Theresa Gabriel saw ACN and thought it was a complete no-brainer. Even with zero background in sales, she got excited with the product and service portfolio that the company offered in a global scale: technology, energy, and telecom at her fingertips. She believes that although this opportunity can provide a residual income stream , she went all-in when she realized that through this opportunity, she can empower leaders and other entrepreneurs in her community who will impact thousands of lives by helping people attain financial freedom, one life at a time. She loves the fact that through her participation in the ACN program, she can play a major role in helping eradicate childhood hunger. She is freedom-driven, and she defines it as having both time and money together.   

    Felix Soriano, Executive Team Leader

     Board & Care Business Owner | Entrepreneur 

    Rommel Kho, Executive Team Leader

     Founder | Go Team Revolution GTR (Get Them Residuals) | Entrepreneur | Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff 

​Mr. Patterson got started with ACN on September 2014. At that time, he was enrolled in a graduate school as a student finishing up his degree in the field of technology. As busy as he was, he admits that had a slow start in the business. However, when he caught the vision of the company after attending his very first International Convention, he made a decision to burn the boat and go all in. Today, he has built an organization that allows him to earn residual income from multiple countries overseas--- on customers he has never met. "A father, a husband, a global entrepreneur... I'm just getting started." - Roel Patterson 

                                                                     ​​Yusuf Fuad, Executive Team Leader

                                                                                            Auto Broker | Top Sales Honda Executive | Entrepreneur  

    Mariah Ma, Executive Team Leader

     Jewelry Expert Quality Control | Entrepreneur 

Jessenia Meza, Executive Team Leader

Tax Preparer | Bookkeeper | 100+ Pt Champion | Entrepreneur

Frederick T. Arthur, Team Coordinator

Founder & President of FTA Financial | Entrepreneur

  VanAvern & Norma Zanders, Executive Team Leaders

                                                                    Board & Care Facility Owners | Entrepreneurs 

                             Tamika Grier, Executive Team Leader

                                                                                            Registered Nurse | Entrepreneur 

Felix came across ACN from a complete stranger. After having been introduced on a random social setting, he and his wife had a business discussion over dinner with Ms. Theresa Gabriel and husband. Immediately after the short encounter, he and his wife made a decision to embark on a new journey as global entrepreneurs. With zero background in the industry, they decided to get started in ACN and build a global business venture. Today, his leadership and dedication to his business has led him to develop and promote multiple leaders in the company. "Together, we can do this. It's impossible to fail" - Felix Soriano.

Janet Cano got introduced to the business by a very good friend. When she first saw ACN back in 2014, she couldn't quite fit the opportunity in the bigger picture. However, when she saw it again the second time around in 2017, saying YES to the opportunity became the only apparent choice. Despite the fact that she was juggling her time around being a full time mom, a loving wife, a VP of a non-profit, and as an insurance agent, she created ways of fitting ACN in and around her hectic schedule. Her amazing work ethic, mindset, and having a very generous and determined heart made her achieve multiple milestones in the Company in record-breaking time. She is now spearheading the Latin Expansion of Team Revolution to Latin America. "I never thought i could ever find a way to change economies in a global scale--- ACN can genuinely change the lives of people in the Hispanic communities both here and overseas. This is it, and i'm taking this matter in my own hands..." - Janet Cano 

    Idayana Kornelias, Executive Team Leader

     Walmart Supervisor | Entrepreneur 

Shihan Aluyen, Team Coordinator | President's Club | 100+ Pt Champion

Fred has been in the financial services industry for the last 25 years. He has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the world. When the reality of trading time for money wasn’t the life he wanted, he began looking for a better way. That’s when ACN was introduced to him. Fred realized that ACN was exactly the solution to create long term income that would create permanent financial security and stability for his family. He is forever grateful for this business.


Harry Gomes, Jr., Executive Team Leader

ER Tech | Firearms Instructor | Entrepreneur 

Alisa Owens, Team Coordinator​ | 100+ Pt Champion

Founder | AJO Enterprises | Entrepreneur 



The EXPANSION Team | Movement212


Co-Founder | Movement212 | Entrepreneur | R.E. Broker & CEO 

​​Chad Coleman, Executive Team Leader

Team Revolution Accelerated | Co-Founder | Med-Tech | Entrepreneur